Health and PE teacher at Whitewater High School
Why Whitewater?

I have chosen Whitewater as the place to raise my kids and work because I believe our district and this community will help foster our commitment to building strong character and an excellence in education and athletics.

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year. I am starting my twentieth year of teaching and fifteenth at WHS. I look forward to working with each of my students at WHS every day. High school students bring constant change and challenges to every class period with a tremendous willingness to learn and exercise at great potentials. I am excited to get to know my students this year and help them continue their individual journeys on enhancing their health and fitness.

I am a wife and mother of three beautiful kids. My husband, Tom is the principal at Washington Elementary School here in town. My children are attending Whitewater High School, Whitewater Middle School and Washington Elementary this year and are very excited to be back in school and athletics. They keep me busy outside of the school day traveling from one sport or activity to the next.

IF you have any questions and/or concerns at any time throughout the school year, please call me at 472-8162 and/or email me at .

Let me leave you with a quote that I live by daily: "There's never a Wrong time to do the Right thing."

Here are the calendars of the classes I teach this fall semester:

Physical Education 9 - 6510
As a physical education department we strive each day to help our students work towards their SMART goals and find success in our classes. This is the first experience to high school PE and we expect each student to work hard each day while enhancing their individual health and fitness. We will build the students individual knowledge on health and fitness as well as continue to teach each student new ways to challenge their individual skills.
Lifeguard Training