Paul Majors
Mr. Paul Majors
Why Whitewater?
I chose Whitewater because Whitewater has a long reputation of commitment to agricultural education and the FFA.

Greetings and welcome to the WHS world of Agriscience !!!!!!!!!!!!

Our department gives students real world opportunities to apply skills they are developing in other classes.
Students discover the power they possess to enhance our world's ability to sustain itself via the production/ distribution of food and management of natural resources.

The FFA also provides opportunities for youth to become accountable to themselves while discovering and developing their inherent leadership skills.

Paul Majors
Room 307

Besides watching students experience success, Mr. Majors enjoys: biking, horse training, hiking, water skiing, snow skiing, football, wrestling, foosball, yesterday-today-tomorrow

Favorite words to live by:
"If someone gives you a gift and you simply don't accept it (you don't return it either),  to whom then does it belong?" "Use caution when deciding which "gifts" to accept."

"Are you being the kind of person a horse (person) would want to be around? (If not, keep developing  yourself into the kind of person you would want to be around)."

"Can't" is considered a self insulting word. It is seldom true. "I choose" "I choose not to" demonstrates confidence/trust.

"Never empower anyone else to treat you fairly or unfairly. Only give yourself that power."

"You don't "have to" do anything in this world, you "get to"." "Its all about opportunities."

"Learn to make the "right thing" easy and the "wrong thing" uncomfortable enough that you make the right choice. "

"If you had a choice you'd choose "above average". "Help employers choose you."

"Always improve and keep balance the priority."

"If we can cause ourselves to physically feel nausea and sweat with just our negative thoughts, think about the equally positive power we all possess by training ourselves to think positively."

"There will never be a more valuable and fragile natural resource than our nation's youth."

"We are all perpetual learners. Its unavoidable." "We are all perpetual teachers, its unavoidable".

"There are two main types of people, those who zap others with energy and those who sap others' energy. " (from the book ZAP).  Which type of person are you willing to be?

Wife- Margaret, Daughter-Miranda 26, Son-Matthew 22

High School Agriculture Teacher- Belmont WI 1984-88
Wisconsin Beef Council: Compliance/Producer Relations/Veal Coordinator-88-90
Nasco: Agricultural Buyer 90-2000
Starting 17th year at Whitewater

Agriculture Survey
Environmental Conservation
Animal Technology I
Wildlife Ecology