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The Voice began publishing in an online format in the fall of 2005, reviving the school newspaper that had been dormant for many years.

The Voice is always looking for new reporters.  Any student interested in working on the online paper as a reporter or photographer should contact advisor Mr. Chris Wiegman in room 246 or by emailing him at .
2015-2016 Issues
Editor-in-Cheif: Leif Sahyun
Copy Editor: Leif Sahyun, Michael Hilliger
Reporters: Clarice Bergman, Tea Luehne, Joe Creanza, Megan Salveggio, Leif Sahyun, Connor Laue, Jimmy Duval, Jacob Lee, Michael Fernandez
Graphics: Michael Hilliger
Some of The Voice reporters and editors.
2014-15 Issues
Editor-in-Cheif: Leif Sahyun
Copy Editor: Wentao Guo
Reporters: Wentao Guo, Andres Navejas, Alexis Rodriguez, Wade Ohrwall, Megan Salveggio, Nathan DiFiore, Leif Sahyun
Graphics: Michael Hilliger
The Layout Editor, Editor-in-Chief, and Copy Editor pose for a photo.
2013-2014 Issues
Editor-In-Chief: Robert Brandt
Layout Editor: Leif Sahyun
Copy Editor: Wentao Guo, Katie Julson
Reporters: Robert Brandt, Laura Gilpatrick, Wenato Guo, Katie Julson, Andres Navejas, Josh Parker, Josh Pelayo
Photographers: Ashley Rinebold, Wentao Guo
Graphics: Michael Hilliger
The 2012-2013 editorial staff poses for a photo at the KEMPA journalism conference.
2012-2013 Issues
Editor-In-Chief: Jessaca Summers
Layout Editor: Matt Blija
Copy Editor: Sara Hilliger
Reporters: Matt Blija, Robert Brandt, Wentao Guo, Sara Hilliger, Sara Mikos, Leif Sahyun, Jessaca Summers
Photographers: Jessaca Summers
Graphics: Sara Hilliger
The layout editor, editor-in-chief, and copy editor for 2011-2012 pose for a photo.
2011-2012 Issues
Editor-In-Chief: Jessaca Summers
Layout Editor: Matt Blija, Hye Hyun Kang
Copy Editor: Sara Hilliger
Reporters: Matt Blija, Sara Hilliger, Hye Hyun Kang, Jenn Raymo, Courtney Rowe, Jessaca Summers, Natalie Walton, Thomas Weston, Max Molina, Tim Boyer
Photographers: Karen Esparza, Jesse Ramos
Graphics: Brittany Kramer
New editors for 2010-2011 get set to publish their first issue.
2010-2011 Issues
Editor-In-Chief: Irina Demeneva
Layout Editor: Jessaca Summers
Copy Editors: Declan Fair, Sara Hilliger
Reporters: Matt Blija, Irina Demeneva, Declan Fair, Anna Hegeman, Sara Hilliger, Hye Hyun Kang, Brittney Kramer, Jose Maruri, Ariel Picknell, Jessaca Summers, Abbie Werner, Thomas Weston
Photographers: Irina Demeneva, Jacob Papcke, Tommy Stevenson
Graphics: Irina Demeneva, Brittney Kramer, Jessaca Summers
The layout editor and editor-in-chief for 2009-2010 prepare to publish the first issue of the year in September.
2009-2010 Issues
Editor-In-Chief: Aszya Summers
Layout Editor: Jill Hilliger
Copy Editors: Irina Demeneva, Jessaca Summers
Reporters: Aszya Summers, Jill Hilliger, Irina Demeneva, Jessaca Summers, Carly Bade, Kayla Dolan, Skylar Gabel, Sierra Giese, Austin Holik, Sung Kang, Daniel Lollar, Marina MacGillivray, Quinn Masterson, Conrad Mills, Max Molina, Francisca Montenegro, Ignacia Montenegro, Kyle Norton, Mia Prohaska, Cale Reid, Courtney Rowe, Ian Stone, Ericka Sura, Theresa Williams, Emma Zaballos
Photographers: Jill Hilliger, Aszya Summers
Graphics: Irina Demeneva, Skylar Gabel, Francisca Montenegro, Ignacia Montenegro
2008-2009 Issues
Editors for 2008-2009 take a break for a photo-op during a publishing session.
2008-2009 Issues
Editor-In-Chief: Erika Owen
Copy Editors: Aszya Summers and Jill Hilliger
Layout Editor: Chris Lamsam and Amberly Floto
Photographers: Felicia Wilson and Kayla Carey
Reporters: Aszya Summers, Erika Owen, Jill Hilliger, Mia Prohaska, Terri Williams, Ericka Sura, Cale Reid, Ian Stone, Max Molina, Joe Kraus, Conrad Mills, Josef Stansizewski, Rory Kolo, Ben Heller, Zach Adkinson
Graphics: Elizabeth McComb and Fransica Montenegro
Editors for 2007-2008 work on an issue of The Voice.
2007-2008 Issues
Editor-In-Chief: Erika Owen
Layout Editor: Andrew Rowland
Photographers: Amanda Bowey, Rolando Rodriguez
Reporters: Jake Cortes, Emily Ganser, Jenni Hallet, Ariel Picknell, Ian Stone, Joseph Staniszewski, Aszya Summers, Ericka Sura, Nicole Tautges, Natalie Tisdale, Noelle Werner, Terri Williams, Qichen Zhang
Editors and reporters from 2006-2007 enjoy a lighter moment.
2006-2007 Issues
Editor-In-Chief: Qichen Zhang
Layout Editor: Andrew Rowland
Photographer: Amanda Bowey
Reporters: Cristin Cesar, Jake Cortes, Billy Engelhardt, Jenni Hallet, Chelsea Haney, Evan Hanson, Brandon Kozak, Nick Miller-Stratton, Erika Owen, Sarah Puerner, Katie Schumacher, Gosia Starzycka, Aszya Summers, Ericka Sura, Matt Talpe, Nicole Tautges, Natalie Tisdale, Noelle Werner, Amber Wiest, Julia Williams
These students were instrumental in starting up The Voice in 2005.
2005-2006 Issues
Editor-In-Chief: Lana Goessling
Layout Editor: Andrew Rowland
Photographers: Amanda Bowey, Trevor Cooper-Jenson, Vanessa Guthman
Reporters: Katey Barnes, Andrew Boden, Lauren Brown, Billy Endres, Sharri Flores, Javier Gallegos, Kate Grady, Becca Grafenauer, Jenni Hallet, Chelsea Haney, Tristan Halvorson, Kris Kirkland, Cameron Loback, Holly Mathews, Stacey Olson, Erika Owen, Jennifer Paulson, Sarah Puerner, Katie Schramm, Joe Stafford, Nicole Tautges, Isabela Taveira, Noelle Werner, Danny Zawacki, Qichen Zhang

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