Whitewater High School Math Team

The team competes each year in the Wisconsin State Math Meet where they earned 1st place in class B for 2015 and 2010 and second place  for 2007 through 2009, and 2011 .  We also compete in the Rock Valley Conference where we won 2nd place in 2009, first place from 2010 through 2012, 3rd place 2013, and 2nd place in 2014 (3 points away from 1st), and now 1st place 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Conference Results:

Whitewater High School’s varsity math team took 1st place at the conference math meet held on 3/7/2017.

On varsity, Zach Gross won 1st place individually, Mitch Dalzin and Zach Brantmeier tied for second and Jakob Korf won fourth.

Varsity team members were…

Jacob Korf
Zach Brantmeier
Zach Gross
Mitch Dalzin
Tyler Niemuth
Declin Anderson
Jacob Lee
James Dedrick

The JV team took 2nd place in 2017.  On JV, Nicole Sedmack earned 3rd place, Nick Kuzoff earnded 4th, and Dylan Pease won thirteenth.
JV members were...

Nick Kuzoff
Dalton Chenoweth

Nicole Sedmack
Katie Strait
Allysha Parboteeah
Dylan pease
Dakota Isbell
Carmen Kraayvanger

State Results 2017:

 Jakob Korf, James Dedrick and Zach Gross were named All State First Team for their high scores on the state math meet.

State Results 2016:
Jacob Korf earned the second highest score in the state for class B. Members who earned the rank First Team All-State were Jacob Korf and Leif Sahyun. Members who earned the rank Second Team All-State were Zach Brantmeier, Zach Gross, Mitch Dalzin, and Nathaniel Jeppsen.

State Results: 3/2/15
2015, the varsity team took 1st place in class B.  If you look at all the classes in the state, we were only beat by Madison West and St Lawrence Seminary.
Wentao Guo was named all state 1st team in class B for his high performance on the state math meet in 2015 (He was the highest score in class B) while Josh Nast, Jon Zimdars, Leif Sahyun, and Mitch Dalzin were named all state 2nd team.  Also on the team were Benny Liang, Chamath Gunawardena, and Mia Bentel.  Some of the big name teams we beat...Neenah, Franklin, Homestead, North, Marquette University HS, Greendale, New Berlin Eisenhower, Sauk Praire.  We rock. 

MAA Results:

Tyler Niemuth won a book and certificate for placing in the top 1% of all contestants in the state of Wisconsin in 2015.  

Contact: Mr. Tamblyn