Why Whitewater....

Room: 161
Telephone: 472-8125

     I chose to teach at Whitewater High School due to it's great reputation of success in Academics, Athletics, and Arts.  I'm excited to go to school each day where I work with dedicated educators and enthusiastic students.  I enjoy the cultural opportunities we have through UW-W and the strong sense of community in the town of Whitewater.
     My oldest son is a 2016 graduate of WHS.  His two siblings attend Lakeview Elementary as 1st and 3rd graders.  Our family has enjoyed being part of WUSD for the past 5 years and look forward to many more memories.

Required Supplies (don't have to be new, just functional)
Biology / Physical Science                        Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
1- 11/2" three ring binder                          1" three ring binder or a sturdy folder
OR a sturdy folder                                     loose leaf paper
loose leaf paper                                        colored pencils (24+)
pens & pencils                                          pens & pencils
basic calculator                                         charged Chromebook
charged Chromebook              
AP Biology                 
One composition notebook to be used during labs
1" three ring binder or a sturdy folder
loose leaf paper
pens & pencils
basic calculator (AP exam does not allow graphing calculators)
Charged Chromebook

Exam Exemption Policy
             None accepted for Anatomy & Physiology, nor Advanced Placement Biology.
Student must present the exam exemption to me.  He or she must have a C average for the semester, must have completed all assignments for Units 6 & 7 and must complete the semester exam review with the rest of the class.

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
Ecological Biology