Mrs. Dunham’s Homecoming Glossary
What is Homecoming?
Homecoming is a week of fun ending with a dance! There are different activities every day of the week. Look at the list of activities and join the fun!
Almost Anything Goes:
A fun group of contests (fun games and relays) during Circle Bash. Sign up to be chosen as part of your class team. Winners earn points for their class.
Burning of the W:
Students burn a wooden W to “fire up” spirit.
Canned Food Drive:
Students bring canned foods to the front entrance before school. Each item earns a point for your class. Foods are donated to charity.
Circle Bash:
A BIG party starting Friday at noon. Closed campus. (You may not leave school, but why would you want to? You would miss the fun!) Organizations sell various food items (pizza, sub sandwiches, cookies, ice cream, Mexican food, etc.) for lunch, so bring money. Activities include a limbo contest, ping-pong, euchre, dodge ball, tug of war, boys’ volleyball, and Almost Anything Goes. Join a team and/or watch your friends participate!
It is an honor to be chosen as part of the court. Members are nominated by various organizations and chosen by vote of the students.
Students work Friday and Saturday on decorations for the dance. You don’t need to be artistic – anyone can help.
Saturday night in the MPR. Semi-formal attire – no tennis shoes or jeans. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time.
Football Game:
Friday night. Come cheer on the team! Go Whippets!
Limbo Contest:
See how flexible you are. How low can you bend under the bar? Winners earn points for their class.
Lip Sync Contest
Students choose and play popular songs and pretend to sing the lyrics. Costumes and props add to the fun. Winners earn points for their class. Sometimes, even teachers have a team!
Penny War:
Earn points for your class by putting pennies in your jar and other denominations in the jars of the other classes. Pennies count as positive points, and other denominations count as negative points. All proceeds go to a charitable cause in the community.
Powder Puff Football:
Girls play American football and the boys cheer. A fun reversal of roles! Winners earn points for their class.
Scavenger Hunt:
A contest where teams search the school to find items on a list. Winners earn points for their class.
Theme Days:
Every day has a theme (mismatch, class color, etc.). Students who dress according to the theme are counted in homeroom and earn points for their class. Teachers also dress up, but they do not earn points.