Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have been involved at the elementary or middle school level to participate in the high school arts programs?
No. We offer programs for all students with many different interests and ability levels. We teach you what you need to know.

What if I want to be a part of the band program but I don’t have an instrument?
There are some school owned instruments available for student use. Information can be provided to tell you how to rent or purchase an instrument if you want to play something not offered by the school.

Are there a lot of weekend and evening times students are required to attend?
Marching band has some weekend practices and performances because that is when these events are scheduled. Both choir and band have evening concerts and the annual POPS Concert on a Sunday in February. Other opportunities that are optional are solo/ensemble contest, Singing In WI, honors band and different workshops.

Is there an additional cost for the classes?
There is no additional cost for music classes, most uniforms and music are provided for you. Reeds and valve oil, etc. to keep the instruments in good working order are the student’s responsibility. Instrument lesson books are also purchased by the individual student. There are some additional material costs for art classes.

What if I want to participate in arts classes in college but don’t want to major in art or music?
Most colleges have general class offerings so you can participate without being a major or minor in the area.