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WHS Math and Computer Science Teachers Mr. Eric Kendall, Mr. Mike Tamblyn, Mrs. Megan Alt, Mrs. Laurel Ruud, Ms. Laura Masbruch, and Mrs. Susan Payne
Whitewater High School employs six fully certified mathematics teachers. Two teachers in this department also teach Chemistry and Computer Science for all or part of the day. In recent years WHS has increased math expectations by requiring all students to pass Algebra I as a graduation requirement. Also, we have added advanced courses such as AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and Pre-Calculus to the curriculum. Our math teachers are also integrating technology into classes by using tools such as SketchPad, Desmos, and Promethean boards.

Whitewater is the only high school in the Gateway Technical College consortium to offer a full-fledged Computer Science program articulated with Gateway. Students can choose from a wide range of course offerings including an introductory overview course, programming in three languages, two years of networking, and a web design/programming course. Students can also earn credit at a four-year college through testing in AP Computer Science or an industry certification in networking through testing with Cisco Systems.
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Mrs. Megan Alt (Algebra I, Geometry)

Mr. John Houwers (Advanced Math, Probability and Statistics, Construction Math)

Ms. Laura Masbruch (Computer Science, Pre-Algebra)

Ms. Susan Payne (Algebra I, AP Statistics, Chemistry)

Mrs. Laurel Ruud (Geometry, Algebra II)

Mr. Michael Tamblyn (Algebra II, Pre-Calc, AP Calculus)