Lead Dogs

* Model *Mentor *Inspire


The Lead Dog program continues at Whitewater High School this year. The purpose of LEAD DOGS is to help incoming freshmen transition to high school. The core of the program involves the pairing of LEAD DOGS (senior leaders) with Whippet Groups (small groups of incoming freshmen). Lead Dogs will work with their Whippet Groups beginning in spring- before the 8th graders start high school- and extending through the summer and the entire first year (for the incoming freshmen). One could say the goal of the program is to allow the new freshmen to sprint ahead just as our mascot, the Whippet, would do in a race.

Our mission is to make a positive impact on the incoming freshmen along with our other peers at Whitewater High School. We desire to ensure a smooth transition to high school and ultimately a quality high school experience. Finally, we hope to inspire the habits of:
*work ethic
*stepping outside one's comfort zone



2016-2017 Lead Dogs

Alejandra Aguilar

Justin Brantmeier

Nelson Calvillo

Gianna Creanza

Jesenia Cuevas

Mitchell Dalzin

Sergio Falcon

Dineth Gunawardena

Kelsey Herold

Jameson Hutchins

Amanda Kraayvanger

Jacob Lee

Ernesto Magana

Ireland Marinaro

Milena Maroske

Sierra Minton

Mohamed Mohamed

Alyssa Nelson

Tyler Niemuth

Brian Reyes

Kate Riemer

Rebekah Schumacher

Roberto Soto

Whitney Treder

Linda Vo

Katie Weaver

Alejandro Wence