Andrea Mehlhorn
Why Whitewater?
I look forward to teaching at Whitewater High School in a community that works together to give students the best education possible.  I am excited to work in the climate provided in a school the size of Whitewater.  I will be able to work more closely with students, parents, and colleagues.  In addition with working with students I am glad students have many extra-curricular activities offered to students, especially FBLA.

This will be my first year teaching business at Whitewater High School.  My Bachelor's Degree is in Business Education earned at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  

This semester I am teaching Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Future Connections, and Business Law.  I will also be the coordinator for students who want to take the opportunity to do work study.  This opportunity allows students to gain experience in the work force by releasing them from school earlier than other students.  In addition to teaching, I serve as the advisor for the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

Phone Number: 262-472-8131
School E-Mail:
Known as the language of business, Accounting will teach students the fundamental steps of money management for sole proprietorships and partnerships. Students will learn daily business transactions, financial statements and other aspects of the accounting cycle. This course is strongly recommended for students planning on majoring in business. (Articulated course with Gateway Tech College)
Advanced Accounting
Students will build upon the basic accounting skills that were developed in the first-year course. Accounting will focus on corporations and department responsibility. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of accounting procedures and techniques that are used in solving business problems and making financial decisions. This course will prepare students for using online accounting papers commonly used in post-secondary accounting classes. This course is strongly encouraged for students planning on a career in business.
Business Law
Business Law focuses on how civil, criminal, consumer, contract, corporate, employment, property, and sales law protects our legal rights and responsibilities. This course enables students to apply relevant legal principles to their roles as citizens, consumers, and employees. Students analyze, evaluate, and resolve legal disputes through class discussions, case studies, reflections, videos, and a civil mock trial. (Articulated course with Gateway Tech College)
Future Connections (1st Semester)
Students learn the keyboarding touch method, language skills, basic Microsoft Office features, and document formatting. Students also explore career planning and begin the development of an electronic portfolio. (Articulated course with Gateway Tech College)
Introduction to Business
This course introduces students to the business world and other WHS business courses, such as Accounting, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Internship Program, Personal Finance, Practical Law, Recordkeeping, and Sales & Marketing. Business Principles enables students to examine business operations, develop consumer skills, explore employment opportunities, and recognize how business impacts their daily lives. (Articulated course with Gateway Tech College)