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  • Why Whitewater?

    View our new promotional video showcasing the district and the amazing staff, students and community members.  We are proud of our many offerings and educational opportunities that exist for our students. Our students succeed because of the high level of community and staff support.
  • Health Occupations Students Learn from Local Chiropractor

    Guest speaker - chiropractor

    Ms. Lynn Weilbrenner's Health Occupations classes had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Ken Schenck talk about chiropractic medicine today in class. They learned what chiropractic medicine is all about, what a chiropractor does, different parts of the spine, and how posture and backpacks are affecting society today. Thank you Dr. Ken for taking time out of your day to help educate some of our future medical students.

  • Houwers Sets 4th School Record

    Ella Houwers School Record

    Congratulations to Ella Houwers on breaking the school record in the 100 Freestyle with a time of 55.50! Houwers also owns the school records in the 200 Freestyle, 50 Freestyle, and 100 Breaststroke.

  • Homecoming Food Drive Nets Over 900 Pounds of Supplies for Food Pantry

    Homecoming Canned Food Drive

    During homecoming week, the WHS student body held a food drive competition to stock the Whitewater Food Pantry shelves for the upcoming holiday season. Each day, each class received extra points if the daily bonus item was brought in. Bonus items included canned vegetables, stuffing mix, and flour/sugar. Overall, the junior class won the food drive competition, but the whole student body did an amazing job; a total of 900 pounds was collected!

  • Students Weigh Pickup Truck Using Bathroom Scales and Physics

    Physics Experiment with Truck

    Students use three bathroom scales and Newton's Second Law to measure the weight of a pickup truck. Without ever putting more than 60 pounds of force on each scale, the students were able to measure the weight of an 8000-pound vehicle. Feel the power of Physics!

  • Robers and Kelly Honored as Grandma & Grandpa Whippet

    Grandma & Grandpa Whippet

    Each year the Student Council chooses two community members who have been super supportive of the Whippet community to honor as Grandma and Grandpa Whippet during Homecoming. This year the students selected Doc Kelly and Kay Robers. Thank you to these two amazing people for all you’ve done for the students over the years!