Ms. Kerri Kachel
This was the first and only photo taken of us while on a Great Lakes Lighthouse tour.
Port Washington Breakwater Lighthouse Port Washington, WI

Office: Room 147
UW-Whitewater: Bachelor of Science, Biology & Chemistry & Education Certification.
This is my eighteenth year teaching at WHS. I love teaching at WHS because Whitewater has an incredibly diverse population of people. Although Whitewater is a small community and WHS is a relatively small school, we have much to offer --- excellent academic programs, a great music program, a huge variety of successful sports, and challenging science, math and language programs.

We are exceptionally fortunate to have UW-Whitewater in this community as well. One can attend a wide range of activities, from musical events to plays and dance at Young Auditorium. UW-Whitewater has Nationally ranked football, baseball, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics teams, each of which provides many opportunities to watch incredible student-athletes perform at their highest levels.
I like hiking, biking, reading, and visiting National Parks. I also love to watch UW-W football.

I enjoy performing piano and saxophone both publicly and privately.

My office is in Room 147, the Chemistry Room.
I am teaching both Chemistry I and Chemistry II in Room 147.
I will be teaching Biology in Rm. 165.
BIOLOGY 2017-2018
Chemistry I 2017-2018
ChemistryII 2017-2018