The Whippet Booster Club Mission
  • Support, promote, and maintain a high standard of integrity, and good sportsmanship in all athletic activities by the Whitewater High School sports fans, athletes, parents of athletes, and the High School athletic program including coaches and administrators. 
  • Recognize athletic accomplishments by Whitewater High School students and coaches. As part of this effort, the Club shall each year sponsor Athletic Scholarship Awards for male athlete(s) and for female athlete(s). These awards shall be monetary gifts with the monetary amounts and number of awards being set each year by the Board of Directors. 
  • Raise funds to be disbursed in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Directors of the Club in support of the overall athletic programs at Whitewater High School. These funds shall not be for uniforms, personnel or transportation. 
  • Coordinate the activities of this Booster Club, its members, and committees with the needs of the overall athletic program. 
  • Promote and encourage attendance at all sport activities by parents, friends, students, faculty, and the community.
About the Whippet Booster Club
The Whippet Athletic Booster Club is a group of parents and community members dedicated to fundraising and supporting all 20 varsity sports offered at Whitewater High School. Funds are raised through memberships, concessions at athletic events, an auction held every other year, apparel sales and the fall, winter and spring sports guides.  They also provide buttons for parents of athletes and continually work to improve Whippet Pride at WHS.
Since 2010 and into the 2016 school year, the Whippet Athletic Booster Club donated more than $50,000 for athletics.  Some of the donations included concussion baseline testing for all student athletes, improvements to the weight room, a timing system for the track, a trophy case, football travel bags, a soccer screen, a cross country tent, a new ice machine for athletic injury treatments, college scholarships for student athletes and many other miscellaneous items.

The Booster Club needs your support!
What can you do?‚Äč
  • Join the Booster Club with a family membership.
  • Volunteer to be a team parent.
  • Volunteer to work in the concession stand. (a percentage of the profits go to the sport our son/daughter plays!) 
  • Attend meetings (held the second Wednesday of every month at the high school)
  • Be on a committee (memberships, sports guides, Whippet Pride)
  • Come watch the games and see our athletes play!
If you have any questions about the Whippet Athletic Booster Club, please contact: 
President Tom Grosinske  or Justin Crandall, Athletic Director,  at 260-472-8105.
Go Whippets!
  Booster Club Gifts: