Whitewater High School - School Profile

The Whitewater area has elements of rural and suburban communities with a population of 13,400.  Whitewater is located in southern Wisconsin, approximately 45 miles west of Milwaukee, 45 miles east of Madison, and 100 miles northwest of Chicago.  The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, with an enrollment of over 10,500 students, offers residents a variety of cultural and educational opportunities.

Whitewater High School (WHS) is a four-year comprehensive high school.  Research suggests that there are many benefits of high schools with enrollments the size of WHS.  The 540 students at WHS have a myriad of curricular and co-curricular opportunities, yet still can stay connected to their school.  The school operates on an 8 period 44 minute schedule with some block classes.  There is  a diverse student body with 20% racial or ethnic minority population.  70% of our students further their education beyond high school including 55% at the 4-year university level and 15% at the technical school level.

WHS Offers:

  • A rigorous curriculum emphasizing academic excellence
  • 14 Advanced Placement courses and several other advanced courses in the core academic and elective areas
  • A "state of the art" facility that includes an auditorium, expansive outdoor athletic fields, a swimming pool, and a community aquatic/fitness center.  The modern type building was built in 1994 with additions in 2002 and 2004. Students have great access to technology including 9 computer labs.
  • 19 Varsity sports.  WHS is a member of the Rock Valley Athletic Conference.   Our school offers more sports than any other school in the conference.  WHS is proud of the 18 State Champion teams and 180 Conference Champion teams in the past 40 years.
  • The opportunity for students to complete high school courses in while still in middle school
  • The opportunity for 11th students to take college and technical school courses under the Youth Options and Course Options Programs
  • A variety of electives in Agriculture, Family and Consumer Science, Technology and Engineering, Art, Music, Business and Information Technology, Computer Science, and Modern Languages
  • On-line courses and Distance Learning opportunities
  • Participation in award winning band, music, and drama programs
  • Many clubs and activities for students to participate in
  • A student-centered, caring, and highly skilled staff that has high expectations for student academic and social growth
  • A safe and secure school environment that reinforces respect and appreciation for all
  • A comprehensive program for English Language Learners that has Bilingual speaking teaching, support, and administrative staff
  • A continuum of services for special education students
  • A plethora of programs for Gifted and Talented students