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Welcome to the Whitewater High School English Department. In support of the district’s mission, our job is to develop lifelong readers and effective communicators. We do this through a rigorous and challenging curriculum that emphasizes the communication skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—that will lead to success in college and the workplace of the new millennium. We also strive to instill an appreciation for the rich body of literature produced by the English speaking world throughout history and encourage our students to read extensively for the pure joy of it. The word, written and spoken, is what links us with the past and carries us into the future. It is the medium of thought that transcends both time and space. It carries our culture, our history, our philosophy, our values, our opinions, and our feelings over miles and through millennia. This is why we study great literature.

Our teachers offer a diverse range of experience and backgrounds, but all provide classroom experiences that focus on the needs of the student. From traditional instructional approaches to the latest research-based teaching strategies, Whitewater High School English teachers employ a wide range of tools and techniques to prepare their students. We take advantage of the best of modern technology so that our students are able to “work smarter” to develop the tech savvy ways that are so important in today’s workforce. At the same time, there is no substitute for hard work, and we demand attention to detail and development of the fundamentals of the language arts, including grammar and usage, the parts of speech, and vocabulary enhancement.
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