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Stick with World Language – and it will stick with you!
The World Languages Department of Whitewater High School is dedicated to providing the benefits of learning a second language for our students through an engaging and diverse learning environment.

The study of a second or consecutive language is ideal when a student makes a commitment to advance to the highest level possible. The World Languages Department at Whitewater High School currently offers up to 5 years of either Spanish or French. Although not all post-secondary schools require the completion of multiple years of a second language, the skills that are obtained through the consecutive study of a language will apply to all areas beyond the high school level. Those skills include, but are not limited to, communicating with other people, tolerance, understanding of diversity, and cultural awareness. In addition, students who do chose to move on into post-secondary education may be advanced in status through the success of college placement exams as well as the possible completion of exit requirements.

According to the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages, the benefits of learning a second language include:
  • Expand opportunities for travel, education, business, etc.
  • Increase skills in math and English
  • Improve scores on SATs, ACTs, GREs, MCATs, and LSATs for each year studied.
  • Provide advantages in business
  • Expand communication within and without the US
  • Promote better understanding of other cultures
  • Promote better understanding of one’s own culture
  • Promote national security
Our mission: To continually develop strategies that enhance the learning experience of students in the World Language courses and that encourage students to continue with their second language development.
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Ms. Alecia Pasdera (FRENCH) 

Ms. Kate McNulty (Spanish I and IV)

Mr. James Linos (Spanish II, III, and V)