Class of 2010 - Present

Grad Year
Post High School Education/Training
Current Job Title/Career
Email Address
Michelle Gantz 2015 Moraine Park Technical College, CNA Nursing assistant at a traumatic brain injury rehab center, EMT
Josh Pelayo 2015 St. Olaf College, Mathematics
Faith Steinert 2015 Black Hawk Tech, UW-Lacrosse, Pre Physicians Assistant Track
Max Molina 2012 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering with Product Design concentration Mechanical engineer at Güdel Inc.
Jacob Mischka 2011 UW-Whitewater
Bryce Wilson 2011 UW-LaCrosse, Theatre Performance
Jennifer Dolan 2010 UW-Whitewater, Early Childhood & Spanish Secretary in Williams Center
Jill Hilliger 2010 UW-Whitewater, Graphic Design Technology Intern, Whitewater Unified School District
Quinn Masterson 2010 UW-LaCrosse, Theatre Performance & Stage Management
Loussaint Minett 2010 UW-Whitewater, Occupational Safety Safety Representive
Morgan Scharine 2010 UW-LaCrosse, Therapeutic Recreation

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