Class of 2010 - Present

Grad Year
Post High School Education/Training
Current Job Title/Career
Email Address
Michelle Gantz 2015 Moraine Park Technical College, CNA Nursing assistant at a traumatic brain injury rehab center, EMT
Josh Pelayo 2015 St. Olaf College, Mathematics
Faith Steinert 2015 Black Hawk Tech, UW-Lacrosse, Pre Physicians Assistant Track
Molly Griep 2012 University of North Dakota, Education PE and Health teacher at Sacred Heart Schools in East Grand Forks, MN
Max Molina 2012 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering with Product Design concentration Mechanical engineer at G├╝del Inc.
Jacob Mischka 2011 UW-Whitewater
Bryce Wilson 2011 UW-LaCrosse, Theatre Performance
Jennifer Dolan 2010 UW-Whitewater, Early Childhood & Spanish Secretary in Williams Center
Jill Hilliger 2010 UW-Whitewater, Graphic Design
Quinn Masterson 2010 UW-LaCrosse, Theatre Performance & Stage Management
Loussaint Minett 2010 UW-Whitewater, Occupational Safety Safety Representive
Morgan Scharine 2010 UW-LaCrosse, Therapeutic Recreation

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