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State FBLA
Olson Qualifies for National FBLA Competition

Four students competed at the State FBLA Conference in Green Bay on April 8 and 9. Sophie Olson placed 3rd in Business Law and will be competing in nationals at San Antonio, Texas, from June 29-July 2. Jaelyn Hunt placed 5th in Future Business Leader and will be an alternate for nationals. Caroline Crowley placed 7th in Public Speaking, and Aldo Rodriguez earned a certificate for completing the Legacy Academy. Students also were able to hear a keynote speaker give advice for how they should conduct themselves now and into the future, participated in workshops, and experienced Green Bay!

Ferradermis Repeats as Wisconsin Regional Champions

Another year, another victory for Whitewater High School's Ferradermis (FIRST Robotics team 6574). The team competed March 27th through the 30th at the Wisconsin Regional in Milwaukee, picking up a second consecutive victory on top of their 2018 success. This year Ferradermis had their best showing, ending the initial round of qualification matches at the #3 position in a pool of 54 competing teams from around the country (as well as a victor from another competition coming all the way from Auckland, New Zealand!). When it came down to picking the final teams to compete through the elimination rounds, the #1 and #2 teams joined together; forming a seemingly unbeatable alliance. This led to Ferradermis filling in the spot as the second ranked alliance captains, giving them the ability to choose other teams to join them. The team chose Paradigm Shift (team 1259 out of Pewaukee, Wisconsin) as their first pick to join them. The history between these two teams goes back to before Ferradermis' creation, as a handful of Ferradermis' core mentors were formerly members of Paradigm Shift. During the 2018 Wisconsin Regional, Paradigm Shift was the first rank alliance captain and picked Ferradermis as their own partner; this year Ferradermis had the opportunity to do the same in return. Teams 6574 and 1259 picked Oriole Assault (team 1091 out of Hartford, Wisconsin) to complete their alliance, and so began the elimination matches. The alliance was undefeated through quarterfinals and semifinals, winning each 2-0. The whole event was shocked when the first ranked alliance was knocked out by the fourth seed (including 7498 of New Zealand); the alliance that Ferradermis, Paradigm Shift, and Oriole Assault would now need to defeat to secure a victory in finals. After an initial loss in finals, the prospects were uncertain for Ferradermis, but it became clear that a victory could be within reach. The team's hopes were stoked after the second finals match was won, and the event was decided by a tiebreak match which ended as a decisive victory for Ferradermis' second seed alliance. By winning the regional, just as in 2018, Ferradermis qualified for the FIRST Robotics Competition world championship in Detroit, Michigan from April 24th through April 27th. There they will go head-to-head with other winning robots created by teams from across the continent and the world. To be regional champions two out of their first three years of existence is an outstanding feat, and Ferradermis has demonstrated consistent growth ever since its creation. It has continued to bring together and strengthen its group of student members and adult mentors, and has its sights as high as ever for the future. The team would like to thank their sponsors, parents, and fellow students for their ongoing support. There was an electric atmosphere in the stands in Milwaukee, energizing the team. You can watch any match from the event and get a feel for the intensity of the competition at Thank you also to the Whitewater Fire Department for the amazing ride through the city upon our return on Saturday evening! Ferradermis members are currently fundraising for their trip to Detroit with a goal of raising $20,000 in the next two weeks. Please consider supporting the team in one or more of the following ways: Rocky Rococo’s Pizza will be donating 20% of their sales to the team on Wednesday, April 10, from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm; Jessica’s Family Restaurant will be donating 10% of their sales to the team on Tuesday, April 16, from 6:00 am until 3:00 pm; Individuals may contribute through our fundraising page at or by mailing a check to WHS in care of Ferradermis.

FFA Creed Speaking
Nickels Advances to Sectional FFA Speaking Contest

Lauren Staller, Trinity Nickels, and Maddy Benson did an excellent job competing at the District FFA speaking competition held at Big Foot High School. Trinity and Maddy competed in Creed speaking with Trinity placing second overall. Trinity earned the right to compete at Sectional competition on Monday, March 11th. Lauren Staller competed in extemporaneous speaking.

Rosie and Colin
Pair Nominated for FIRST Robotics Deans List

Dean’s List is a FIRST Robotics award named for founder Dean Kamen which celebrates “outstanding student leaders whose passion for and effectiveness at attaining FIRST ideals is exemplary.” Ryann (Rosie) Aschenbrener and Colin Chenoweth were nominated this year by the mentors for Whitewater High School’s robotics team Ferradermis and are now considered semi-finalists. Rosie’s mentors trust her to do anything at any time and do it well. She has become our all-around specialist. If Rosie sees that a young team member is hanging back and nervous to jump in, Rosie will invite them in. Rosie has worked with electronics, mechanical, competition logistics, and has served as human player (and professional cart puller) on the drive team. She also led the charge to raise over $18,000 in two weeks by making cold calls and personal contacts when the team qualified for Worlds in 2018, which allowed her teammates to travel to Detroit free of charge. Colin joined as a freshman when our team was just forming and earned the immediate respect of the mentors not only for his intellectual abilities but also for his work ethic. Colin served as a member of the drive team as a freshman and as the electrical captain for his sophomore year; this year he took on the role of CAD co-captain. This summer, Colin took a lead role in our first ever boot camp, introducing incoming freshmen to the use of CAD and helping them prototype a Frisbee shooter. Colin is a quiet leader; he leads by example, and it is obvious that he has earned the respect of his teammates. They respect his intellect, they respect his creativity, and they respect his playful spirit. Rosie and Colin will be interviewed by judges at the Wisconsin Regional in Milwaukee in late March.

State FBLA
Three Advance to State FBLA

FBLA students competed at DeForest High School at the Regional Leadership Conference on February 2nd. Students also participated in workshops and listened to the keynote speaker. Four students placed in the top eight, and three are moving on to state. Here are how students placed: Caroline Crowley placed 1st in Public Speaking, Sophie Olson placed 1st in Business Law, Jaelyn Hunt placed 2nd in Future Business Leader, and Sophia Walton placed 8th in Intro to Public Speaking. Wish students good luck as they compete April 7-8 in Green Bay!

Jakob Gmur
Gmur Wins National Award in Horticulture

This year’s trip to Indianapolis for the 2018 National FFA Convention was a success for the Whitewater FFA Chapter. Jakob Gmur, Class of 2018, received a National Proficiency Award in Diversified Horticulture. He is the second person from the Whitewater FFA Chapter to ever receive a National Proficiency Award. Jakob received this honor for his lawn care business, Jakob’s Lawn Care and Property Services LLC. He provides weekly lawn mowing, spring and fall cleanup, hardscaping, landscaping, and snow removal. This idea began for Jakob when he was little and progressed from a single lawn to what is now more than 50 lawn accounts. After furthering his education, Jakob plans to expand his lawn care business and continue as an entrepreneur. 

Operation Click
WHS Named Operation Click School of the Year

Congratulations Whitewater High School Students! Operation Click selected WHS as the School of the Year at the 2018 Banquet on Friday, May 11. Our seatbelt survey average remained 99% all year, and this percent is the highest in both Wisconsin and Illinois. Please stop in the Main Office to view YOUR trophy since each student who wore his/her seatbelt this year helped win the award. Thank you for your dedication to driving safely. Remember always…phones down, buckle up! Awesome job!

Dean's List Semi-Finalists
Pair Named FRC Dean's List Semi-Finalists

Mentors of the Whitewater High School Robotics Team Ferradermis have the opportunity to nominate two members each year as semi-finalists for the Dean’s List Award, named after Dean Kamen, co-founder of FIRST, to “celebrate outstanding student leaders whose passion for and effectiveness at attaining FIRST ideals is exemplary.” Criteria for selection of the FIRST Dean’s List includes demonstrated leadership and commitment to the ideals of FIRST, interest in and passion for a long term commitment to FIRST, overall individual contribution to their team, technical expertise and passion, entrepreneurship and creativity, ability to motivate and lead fellow team members, and effectiveness at increasing awareness of FIRST in their school and community. Nominated members must be sophomores or juniors. This year, the mentors nominated juniors Zach Brantmeier and Bennett Miles. These students will participate in an interview process either before or at the Seven Rivers Regional in LaCrosse. The judges will select two finalists from the LaCrosse regional to advance to the national championship where the 10 Dean’s List Winners will be announced. When recommending Zach, the mentors noted that at the Seven Rivers Regional in 2017, Zach found himself under a great deal of stress as the lead programmer on a robot that was behaving unexpectedly. He handled himself with tremendous poise, working with his mentors, programmers from other teams, and the control system advisors to troubleshoot under extreme pressure, ensuring the team made it to all of its scheduled practice matches and qualification matches on time. Zach has become the team’s “make it happen” person. His mentors rely on him heavily for team communication. Zach set up and manages both our Slack and Remind accounts; he is the first person to arrive for every meeting and the last person to leave. When someone needs to know what is going on, the answer is, “ask Zach.” When recommending Bennett, the mentors commented that this fall, Bennett took the initiative to reach out to one of our elementary school teachers that he thought might be interested in sponsoring a FIRST Lego League Team as none exist in our school system; he recognized the need in our community and went for it. Bennett has scheduled several meetings with this teacher and the two of them are planning a fundraising campaign to make the FIRST Lego League team happen for the 2018-2019 school year. Bennett is already looking ahead to bring a freshman student into this loop so that when Bennett graduates in 2019, there will be someone prepared to continue this community outreach. Congratulations, Zach and Bennett, and thank you for your dedication to Team Ferradermis! Good luck in LaCrosse!

Wisconsin Regional
Ferradermis Wins Wisconsin Regional

Team 6574, Ferradermis, a second year FIRST Robotics Team from Whitewater High School, qualified for the FIRST Championship in Detroit at this weekend’s Wisconsin Regional in Milwaukee. There are extensive hurdles that any team must pass to qualify for the Championship, much less a second year team. Those challenges could not be overcome without other FIRST teams demonstrating the best the organization has to offer. Ferradermis was founded in 2017 when then Whitewater High School seniors Justin Brantmeier and Roberto Soto, along with teacher Laura Masbruch reached out to other local teams for help. Their first contact was Team 3692, the Rock N’ Robotics club based at Janesville Parker. The Janesville mentors helped the trio navigate into the world of FIRST, and a connection with the Whitewater Makerspace helped make the reality of a team seem possible. Team 1306, Badger BOTS, based in Middleton, led by President and 2017 Dean’s List winner Grace Fanson, immediately jumped in to help. 1306 provided extensive background help and tips on forming and administering a team, as well as advice on how the competition worked. 1306 additionally lent a full drive train for 6574 to use to familiarize the new competitors with the base of a robot to help develop controls and electronics and programming knowledge, as well as scouting support and replacement parts at the 2017 Seven Rivers Regional in LaCrosse. But help for the new competitor was also provided by other FIRST teams. Two of 6574’s lead mentors are alumni of Team 1259, Paradigm Shift, of Pewaukee. In a fortuitous bit of foreshadowing, at the 2018 Wisconsin Regional this past Friday, 6574 experienced reliability issues across multiple components of their robot, leading to a number of match losses due to the robot shutting down. Numerous teams at the event jumped in to help, lending hands, materials, and parts to get the robot working. Team 2202, BEAST Robotics, of Brookfield, lent a broken 12V pneumatic solenoid to the team that functioned flawlessly after a quick repair. Team 1259, over all three days of the regional, worked to ensure 6574’s continued progress, sending their own students, tools, and components including a replacement gearbox component for the intake mechanism. 1259 mentor Dale Noll, and his son, Ben Noll, provided a combination of electrical and mechanical expertise and support in order to ensure the robot performed at its best. Team 2574, RoboHuskies, of Saint Anthony, Minnesota, lent mechanical hardware and tools on the first day to ensure the team was able to fully integrate newly made parts intended to upgrade the robot. After the team noticed a stripped screw terminal on a motor controller, Team 3418, RoboRiot of Sheboygan County, jumped to offer two spare motor controllers in order to ensure 6574’s conveyor system would function through the eliminations. All of this help from other teams contributed to 6574’s strong bounce back on day two. The team’s drivers were now able to fill up the vault entirely by themselves with time to spare, cleanly winning all three Saturday qualification matches with the support of their alliance members, as well as a match replay of their last match. Knowing the troubles 6574 suffered on Day 1, and confident in the repairs the new team made to their bot, 1259, the top seed at the Wisconsin Regional, invited 6574 to join their alliance with 2481, Roboteers, of Tremont, Illinois, for the playoff round. That alliance swept through the playoff rounds to claim the Wisconsin Regional, undefeated. The help of other teams, however, did not end there. Post-match photos courtesy of 1259 were taken and circulated. Team 537, Charger Robotics, out of Sussex, immediately offered their help in preparing a shipping box for 6574 to send their robot to the Championship. So, 6574 Ferradermis goes to the Championship—-but takes parts of many other teams with them, courtesy of the guiding principle of FIRST: Gracious Professionalism in action.

State FBLA
Olson Places in Business Law at State FBLA

Four students had the wonderful opportunity to attend the FBLA State Leadership Conference in La Crosse earlier this week. Sophie Mayer and Kelly Villareal were a part of the Legacy Academy where they got to meet business professionals along with members of FBLA from all over Wisconsin. Caroline Crowley competed in Intro to Public Speaking on Monday, but did not make it to the final round for Tuesday. Sophie Olson took a test in Business Law and made it to the stage taking 5th place. She is currently an alternate and could possibly go to nationals if a student is unable to attend. Congratulations to these ladies who did an amazing job at the FBLA State Leadership Conference!

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