In Remembrance

Following is a list of the Whitewater High School Cross Country team members who are deceased. These people worked very hard on the Whippet CC team. Their efforts are appreciated, and they will be remembered forever. Once a Whippet CC team member, always a Whippet CC team member.

Coach Jack Daniel, coach from 1967-1976

Kim Cardinal, runner from 1976-1979

Steve Griffith, runner from 1979-1981

Alex Prusener, runner during 1979 season

Jim Yasko, runner during 1981 season

Ryan Regan, runner from 1988-1991

Mike Enstad, runner from 1987-1990

Troy Davenport, runner from 1989-1992

Hopefully, another name will never be added to this list. But if, unfortunately, you know of a name that should be added, contact coach Chad Carstens at

Contact: Chad Carstens