Booster Club Members
2019-2020 School Year

Craig Sharlow
Dan and Golisa Moreno
Crystal Aschenbrener
Jennifer Clark
Chad and Megan Carstens
Michelle and Jamie Fera
Laura Feit
Ginger Hammerstad
Jenny and Mike Rule
Dan and Michelle Kuhlow
Angie Stevenson
Dan and Rachel DePorter
Henri and Melinda Kinson
Calli Laue
Jim and Jodi Aron
Deanna Grall
Jim and Julie Caldwell
Robin Fox and Kim Simes
Dave and Sclyndia Leibbrand
Tom and Kristen Lippens
Chris Fountain
John and Shannon Frye
Seth and Elvia Klosinski
Samantha Hookstead
Mark and Carey Fero
Danielle Popp and Matt Green
Mary and Mike Kilar
Jean Brumley
Lorrie Koppein
Shelly and John Black
Tom and Nicole Grosinske
John and Dena Schimming
David and Bonnie Stanley
Beth Chase
Tom and Kim Heritage
Mike and Shannon Schumacher
Mary Crandall
Molly and Nate Parrish
Dwayen Lange
Mike and Shari DuClos
Hugh and Sue Gnatzig
Jim and Kathy Schumacher
John and Suzanne Chenoweth
Alyce and Bill Hoffman
Bob and Diana Schwab
Kristen and Rick Mortimer
Brian and Beth Nickels
Jason and Shelly Hammond
Lee and Shannon Cushman
Joseph Kromholz and Marjorie Stoneman
Mark Maas


Thank you for your continued support!