Each quarter, students will receive one “late work acceptance” coupon that he/she may use to submit one late daily assignment for full credit. 
The student may not use this “late work acceptance” coupon for late major assignments (e.g., projects and essays) because students receive ample time to complete those types of assignments in class.   
Additionally, because teachers provide class time for many major assignments, teachers will not accept excuses such as home computer problems or jump/flash drive problems from students whose assignments are late or incomplete.   The only acceptable “computer problem” excuse is a server failure at school.
Finally, some students choose to work on their assignments at home as well as in school. To ensure students can access their files both at home and in school on class lab days, students should  
  • use Google docs to write their assignments, and/or
  • save their work on a jump/flash drive (in addition to saving it to their computer hard drive and in their school folder), and/or
  • attach their work to an email that can be accessed at home and school.
Note:  Any student claiming to have completed an assignment at home MUST provide evidence of the completed assignment to the teacher before he/she will be allowed to use class time for any purpose other than to complete the current assignment. Evidence can include an accessible, saved file or a hard copy.