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2 Dozen Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
Enjoy these lovely treats! Minimum bid: $10

Member(s): Maci Parrish ( )
2 Dozen Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
Enjoy these delicious chocolate chip cookies! Minimum bid: $10

Member(s): Cooper Pease ( )
2 Hours of Tennis Lessons
Enjoy two hours of tennis lessons! Available for 1-3 people with any level of skill. If you already are a proficient player--you can play a match instead with these two athletes! Minimum bid: $20

Member(s): Sophie Olson ( ), Jenna Lee ( )
2.5 Hours of Swim Lessons!
Learn new strokes, how to better your swimming form, and how to prepare and perform a workout over two and a half hours of swimming lessons with these two experts! Disclaimer: participants must be able to perform a basic swim or tread, these lessons are for those who can already swim and wish to improve their skills. Minimum bid: $20

Member(s): Caroline Crowley ( ), Ellie Treder ( ) ...more
3 Hours of Yard Work on a Weekend
Let these three, strong guys help you with your landscaping, or farm needs on a weekend! Minimum bid: $30

Member(s): Dylan Pease ( ), Hayden West ( ), Daniel Trost ( )
4 Hours of Babysitting
Go out for the night and let these three babysitters take care of everything. They will babysit more than one child for four hours. Minimum bid: $30

Member(S): Lizbeth Rodriguez ( ), Dalia Velazquez ( ), Nicole Amparano ( )
4 Hours of Yard Work
Have Shawn come to the rescue for your landscaping or farm work needs! Minimum bid: $20.

Member(s): Shawn Chan ( )
Assorted Baked Goods
Enjoy delicious cookies, brownies, rice krispy treats, and cupcakes--handmade by three high school bakers! The top three bids will win this project! Minimum bid: $10

Member(s): Broderick Frye ( ), Andy Vo ( ), Aidan Coburn ( )
Basket of Sunshine to Brighten Your Day!
Yellow, yellow, yellow! Brighten your day with these light and cheery items, including a unique, homemade vinyl sign! Minimum bid: $20

Member(s): Maddie Elworthy ( ), Katie Kuhtz ( )
Breakfast Club Basket
Get a blast from the past with the Breakfast Club themed items (including the movie, merchandise), and breakfast kitchen items! Minimum bid: $20.

Member(s): Cally Julson ( ), Grace Ejnik ( )
Decorative Chainmail Ornaments
Handmade ornaments made out of chainmail rings! Minimum bid: $10.

Member(s): Gwynne Sayun ( )
Dog Sitting 2 Weekend days in May
Have this responsible, animal-loving lady take care of the favorite members of your family! Minimum bid: $15

Member(s): Jaden Hennemann ( )
Dog Walking 2 Times for 30 minutes each.
Have these cool gals walk your dogs! Minimum Bid: $20

Member(s): Jaden Hennemann ( ), Sierra Brunner ( )
Famous Homeade Cherry Cheesecake
Enjoy this decadent 9x13 cherry cheesecake! Yum! Minimum bid: $10

Member(s): Emma Sellnow ( )
Farm Fresh Goods!
Enjoy this delicious assortment of farm fresh goods including homemade pancake mix, homemade butter, 2 dozen farm fresh eggs, and a jar of homemade jelly! Minimum bid: $20

Member(s): Hailey Prager ( )
Film Basket
Create a theater in your living room with this film-themed basket, filled with fun movies, popcorn, soda, and more movie snacks! Minimum bid: $10

Member(s): Sydney Treder ( )
German-Waxed Ornaments
Get ready for the holidays early with these beautiful, homemade, and sparkly German-waxed star ornaments! Minimum bid: $10 for 4 ornaments.

Member(s): Brianna Zimdars ( )
Homemade Bird House
Stained oak wood, 6x6". Minimum bid: $20

Member(s): Wesley Salverson ( )
Homemade Dog Treats
Is your dog's birthday coming up? Here's the perfect gift! A plethora of different kinds of dog treats, from pupcakes to bone-shaped treats! Minimum bid: $20

Member(s): Allison Ceranske ( )
Jazz Combo
Have these award-winning musicians play approximately 30 minutes of jazz for you at any event or location of your choosing! Minimum bid: $50.

Member(s): Alisha Parboteeah ( ), Caroline Crowley ( ), Colin Chenoweth ( ), Nick Kuzoff ( , Weston Lema ( )
Learn to Waterski!
Take a one hour lesson on Whitewater Lake to pick up a new (or old) hobby! Learn some new things--or just show off your skills! Scheduling will depend on the weather. Minimum bid: $20.

Member(s): Nicole Tomomitsu ( )
Movie Basket
Enjoy a night in with popcorn, many genres of movies, warm blankets, and delicious candy! Minimum bid: $20

Member(s): Alyssa Schumacher ( ), Abby Grosinske ( )
Movie Night Basket
A bundle of goodies for a night in at the movies--in your living room. The basket will include a movie and various treats! Minimum bid: $10

Member(s): Rosie Aschenbrener ( )
One Hour of Chess Lessons
Have a great time learning an intellectual game and having great conversations with a cool guy! Minimum bid: $10

Member(s): Zach Brantmeier ( )
One Hour of Horseback Riding
Take a guided, one hour horseback ride through the beautiful Kettle Moraine Forest! Up to two people are welcome to ride! If you have ridden before and have your own helmet you may bring it if you desire. Minimum bid: $15.

Member(s): Nicole Tomomitsu ( )
One Night of Babysitting
Go out for the night, and have these girls babysit your beloveds! Minimum bid: $20

Member(s): Catherine Yang ( ), Maddie Brown ( )
Self-Care Basket
This lovely basket comes with several items for you to pamper yourself: soaps, bath bombs, and lotions for you to wind down from a long work day. Minimum bid: $10

Member(s): Nicole Sedmak ( )
Self-Care Basket
Treat yourself with a high-class self-care basket! Basket items include face masks, body scrubs, and fragrant lotions and perfumes! Minimum bid: $30

Member(s): Bryce Hibbs ( ), Zoe Porter ( ), Jacee Johnson ( )
Signed Baseball by Rob Manfred
Get your hands on a baseball--signed by the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred! Minimum bid: $15

Member(s): Sophie Mayer ( )
Snowflake Ornaments
Stock up for next year's holiday season with a set of twelve handmade, crocheted snowflake ornaments! Minimum bid: $16

Member(s): Mina Truesdale ( )
Stay-cation Basket
Enjoy this basket of goodies for a cozy night at home: warm blanket, great movies, fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, therapeutic candle, and delicious candy. Minimum bid: $10

Member(s): Hailey Murphy ( )
Summer Style Basket
Enjoy your summer with these fun items: cute t-shirts, sneakers, water bottles, games, room decor, and cute odd-and-ends. Minimum bid: $20.

Member(s): Tessa Papcke ( ), Maddie Arnett ( )
Themed Tie Blanket
One large, themed tie-blanket of your choice! Space, music, whippets themed--whatever you'd like! Blanket will be warm, large, and great for kids' rooms, sporting events, and movie nights! Minimum bid: $25.

Member(s): Natalie LaBreche ( ), Morgan Radaj ( )
Three One-hour Sessions of Personal Training
Get fit by choosing training in one or more of the following categories: football, soccer, muscular strength, cardio training, and general health tips. These athletes are offering three one-hour sessions for you! Minimum bid: $20

Member(s): Jared Clapper ( ), Willem Leibbrand ( )
Whitewashed, Wisconsin String Art
Whitewashed boards with an outline of Wisconsin and a heart over Whitewater, made of nails and string. Perfect for those who call Southern Wisconsin home! Minimum bid: $20

Member(s): Josie Hintz ( ), Emma Van Daele ( )