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Welcome to Student Services!
Whitewater High School offers a Comprehensive School Counseling Program for every student in grades 9-12. Two school counselors, the district social worker, a school psychologist, and an administrative assistant help students attain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote student achievement and personal success in the areas of academic, career, and personal/social development.

Student Service professionals design and deliver comprehensive programs that support student achievement. They facilitate career & academic planning which helps students discover the important connection between their achievement in school and post-secondary options.  They facilitate healthy relationships, inspire emotional intelligence, and help students work through challenges & solve problems peacefully. Professionals in the Student Services Office help all students become responsible, self-motivated citizens who are prepared for the challenges of a rapidly changing society.

The Whitewater High School Comprehensive School Counseling Program is based on standards by the American School Counseling Association, the Wisconsin School Counseling Association and the National Standards for Career Development.  School Counselors Pamela Sonmor-Wintz and AJ Paul  and were recognized for their outstanding commitment to student achievement with a Program of Promise Award at the Wisconsin School Counseling Conference at Monona Terrace in February 2015. 
Enclosed is a copy of their award winning Wisconsin School Counselor Program Accountability Report (WSCPAR).


Whitewater High School Comprehensive School Counseling Program Award Winning Accountability Report Card 2015

Comprehensive School Counseling Brochure