College Planning
Time to plan
Admission to a four year college is based on the following factors:

*Choosing rigorous high school courses that challenge you
*Studying hard and earning good grades
*Doing well on the ACT or SAT test
*Developing your unique talents, skills, and accomplishments
*Participating in extracurricular and community activities

Your academic record will be evaluated by the rigor of your classes as well as your grade point average (GPA), your class rank (comparing your GPA to those of your classmates), and your ACT or SAT score. Plan to take the ACT or SAT in the spring of your junior year.

New Freshman Admissions Policy
UW-System admissions offices seek to admit students whose academic preparation, background and personal experience suggest that the student will succeed at the institution, benefit from the educational experience and contribute to the educational environment.

Admissions offices will review student applications using a comprehensive, individualized admission process. Of primary consideration are academic factors-college preparatory courses taken in high school, rank in class, grade point average and ACT/SAT scores. Admissions offices may also consider student experiences, work experience, leadership qualities, motivation, community service, special talents, status as a nontraditional or returning adult student, status as a veteran of the U. S. military, whether the applicant is socioeconomically disadvantaged and whether the applicant is a member of a historically underrepresented racial or ethnic group. Other factors may also be considered.