Early College Credit Program and Start College Now

Early College Credit Program:  UW/Private Colleges System.  Students in grades 9-12 must meet specific prerequisites for individual college courses. District approval must be obtained prior to course enrollment.

Start College Now: Wisconsin Technical College System. Student must have completed 10th grade with all requirements met, including a minimum of 12 high school credits completed toward graduation by the end of the high school semester in which the student gives notice of his/her intent to take a technical college course. Student cannot be at risk of not graduating from high school as defined by state law. Student must be in good academic standing within the District. For purposes of this requirement, “good academic standing” in the District means that the student has a cumulative high school grade point average of at least 2.5 at the time of determination.  A technical college may reject an application from a student who has a record of disciplinary problems.  All required notices, parent permission (if under age 18), and college applications must be submitted on a timely basis. Students must meet specific prerequisites for individual college courses.

The Early College Credit/Start College Now Program allows all public high school students who meet certain requirements to take postsecondary courses at a Wisconsin technical college or institution of higher education. If approved by the principal, the school district will pay the cost of the course and the student will receive both high school and college credit for the course as long as it is not comparable to a course offered in the school district.  Students who wish to participate in the Early College Credit/Start College Now Program must complete the appropriate applications by March 1 for a course to be taken in summer or fall and by October 1 for a course to be taken in the spring.

Students with questions about courses offered at UW-Whitewater should contact JP Villavicencio at 262.472.5230 or at villavicjp23@uww.edu.  Please directly contact the admissions department at other colleges or universities with specific questions. 


Start College Now Application

Early College Credit Application