Senior Individual Planning Conferences
Dear Graduating Class!
Individual Senior conferences will be taking place in the Student Services Office Starting in September.  It is exciting to meet with each of you and learn about your career & academic plans after high school! 

Here is a College Planning Presentation created to help you prepare and apply to college:

While academic preparation is the primary criterion used in the admission review process, nonacademic secondary factors may contribute to the strength of an application.  These may include qualities such as demonstrated leadership, extracurricular involvement, special talent and accomplishments.  The Applicant Statement is an extremely important part of the college application process. See the Applicant Statements used by UW System campuses for more information.

Please follow directions on the attached Transcript Request Form after you have applied to college and want your high school transcript sent to one or more colleges or universities.  Mrs. Levine processes transcript requests once per week (mailed on Fridays) and so please make your requests in a timely manner. 
If colleges require a recommendation or if your credentials could use a little boost, mail one or more letters of recommendation with your high school transcript.  Use the attached Letter of Recommendation Form and provide your references with a resume listing your honors, awards, activities and service organizations you have been involved with.  Give Mrs. Levine your written letters of recommendation at the time you request your transcript.  Write thank-you notes to those who write your letters and keep them informed of your decisions.
Senior year is extremely important in the admission decisions and so keep your grades high all year.  All students are expected to maintain the high school academic record submitted at the time of admission.  Students altering course schedules and or failing high school courses after receiving tentative admission are instructed to contact the admission office immediately for solutions to avoid the rescinding of college admission.
Apply for state and national scholarships throughout your senior year!  All campuses offer scholarships for incoming Freshmen.  Apply early for admission because students must be admitted before being offered scholarships.  Attached is the scholarship chart for new freshmen applying for fall state and national scholarship website recommended by the American School Counseling Association.  Check out the Student Services Website under Scholarships and the Financial Aid section of Career Cruising for more information too!
Students who want to be considered for Financial Aid may complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after October 1 at

Here is a link to many electronic college planning resources you may enjoy!
Best wishes for a fantastic senior year!!   Let us know if you have any questions!!
Mrs. Sonmor-Wintz & Mrs. Hamilton
Whitewater High School Counselors