2016 Theme for National History Day:
Exploration, Encounter, and Exchanges in History

Here you will find links to reliable resources to help you in your quest of creating a great project for National History Day. Remember to always cite your sources! 

For some of the databases listed below, you will need a username and password (especially if you are accessing them outside the high school. For the Badgerlink resources, you will need a library card (public library) to access them off-site.
 General Information

National History Day Official Site

 General Information Sources

Encyclopedia Britannica (High School)

eBook Collection: Non-fiction (HS edition)

World Digital Library

The Smithsonian Institution

Library of Congress

 Academic Databases

Biography in Context

Issues and Controversies (in American History)

SIRS Researcher

History Reference Center (Badgerlink)

Explora (Badgerlink)

Access Newspaper Archives (Badgerlink)

 Print Resources

Print Resources