Frequently Asked Questions

What is Extended Homeroom?
Extended Homeroom time is scheduled approximately twice each quarter. Students will be notified by their homeroom teacher or an administrator if they are required to stay; other students will have an early release at 2:02 pm. For a schedule of dates and exact bell times, visit

What if I have questions about a particular subject area?
Visit the academic department pages located under the Discover WHS menu or use the links below:
Career and Technical Education
English Language Learners
Fine Arts
Math & Computer Science
Other Courses and Programs
Physical Education & Health
Social Studies
Special Education
World Languages

How do I get help accessing the online grades?
The Whitewater Unified School Distict has a student management system called Infinite Campus (IC). This will allow parents in the district to have a single login to access information for their family. (Students will continue to have their own individual accounts.) Through IC, parents and students can access automatically updated information on grades, attendance, lunch account balances, and fees, among other things. Usernames and passwords stay the same from year to year.

If you have not received your login information or are having difficulty with it please contact Naomi MacDonald at 472-8102 or for assistance. For security reasons login information will only be issued in person or through the mail.

What can you tell me about the After School Study Center?
The After School Study Center is held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the LMC from 3:15 until 5:00.  There is a bus on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday that takes students home at 4:15. (See more about bus below). The study center is staffed by two staff members each night and also has some college students and NHS student volunteers to help.  This semester the supervisors are Mrs. Taggart, Mrs. Ruud and Mr Kendall.

Who can attend the study center?
All students are welcome to come to the study center.  The study center is intended to provide a place for students to accomplish their assignments either individually or in small groups.  Students may seek assistance during this time or may just attend in order to complete their work before heading home or to practice.  Students do not need prior approval from anyone to attend.  EVERYONE is welcome!!  Students may attend one day per year or all 3 days per week.  Students are required to sign in for attendance purposes when they arrive at the study center.

Snacks will be provided to students who come to the Study Center and accomplish school work. 

Bus transportation: The bus transports home only students who are on a designated list with Nelson’s bus company. If you ride the bus to school, you can ride the bus home from the study center. To get a ride home, students must sign into the study center and check the bus box. The students must sign in by 3:30 as that is when the day's list is sent to Nelson's bus company. The bus also transports students from the tutoring center at the middle school.

How can you help with the study center?
We need volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.

Please encourage your child to attend. Students who attend on a regular basis have made drastic improvements in their grades.

Days Closed:
The Study Center will be closed on all days when there are staff meetings.

Who do I contact for questions on a particular topic?
After School Tutoring Laurel Ruud 472-8126
Athletics Justin Crandall 472-8105
Attendance Nathan O'Shaughnessy 472-8104
Building Budget Mike Lovenberg 472-8103
Course Registration Mike Lovenberg 472-8103
Curriculum Mike Lovenberg 472-8103
Facilities Use (for K-12 Programs) Mike Lovenberg 472-8103
Facilities Use (for Outside Groups) Jean Shaffer-Frantell 472-8700
Gifted & Talented Program Mike Lovenberg 472-8124
Lunch Program Lisa Griep 472-8160
New Students De Anda Levine 472-8111
Parking Permits Gina Foucault 472-8101
Substitutes Mike Lovenberg 472-8103
Supervision of Employees Mike Lovenberg 472-8103
Web Site Laura Masbruch 472-8159

How much computer access do students have?
All students are issued a Chromebook to use for the duration of the school year. Whitewater High School boasts 4 full computer labs with at least 24 Windows 10 machines in each. These labs are assigned to the specific departments of Business & Information Technology, Technology & Engineering, and Computer Science, but have some availability for other teachers as well. In addition to the full labs, many teachers have mini-labs in their classrooms and the LMC has laptops for student checkout. The LMC is open every morning at 7:30 so students may access computers at that time. The After School Tutoring Center operates in the LMC so that students have full access to computers from 3:15 until 4:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The high school building is outfitted with wireless. Students can "bring their own device" to school and connect to the wireless. Teachers are pushing their students to move their data to the cloud through Google apps for ease of access to files from home and through their personal devices.