Lead Dogs

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Leading the Pack
The Lead Dog program has been developed is to help incoming freshmen transition to high school. The core of the program involves the pairing of LEAD DOGS (senior leaders) with Whippet Groups (small groups of incoming freshmen). Lead Dogs will work with their Whippet Groups beginning in spring - before the 8th graders start high school - and extending through the first three quarters of the school year. A main goal of the program is to provide freshmen the tools to succeed in high school. 

Our mission is to make a positive impact on the incoming freshmen along with our other peers at Whitewater High School. We desire to ensure a smooth transition to high school and ultimately a quality high school experience. Finally, we hope to inspire the habits of:
*work ethic
*stepping outside one's comfort zone

Leading the Pack 2017 - 2018

Allisan Barrett
Dalton Chenoweth
Marijose Cuellar
Tommy Cushman 
James Dedrick
Jimmy Duval
Abby Gnatzig
Allison Heckert
Stephanie Hiebert
Payton Hintz
Lorynn Hollingshead
Ali Ketterhagen
Ben Kloskey
Jacob Korf
Robby Liberto
Matt Lucht
Tyler Marinkovic
Brady  Meudt
Alexander Mitchell 
Miriam Navejas
Lexi Nelson
BillIe Jo Parker
Bryce Parrish
Casey Skindingsrude
Rylee Stachow
Connor Steinke
Lydia Wiley-Deal
Johaly Xochipa
Celine Zahn
Jacob Zuehlke