Mr. Eric Kendall
Me, on graduation day!
Welcome!  I love teaching in the Whitewater District because it's a place where I can really get to know my students and tailor my instruction to their needs.  This will be my 3rd year in Whitewater.  I teach Advanced Math and Prob/Stats at the High School in the mornings and Pre-Algebra at the Middle School in the afternoons. It's my hope that being in one of my classes means that a student has the opportunity to thrive academically and feel welcomed and supported personally.

I have a Bachelor's in Mathematics from UW-Milwaukee and a Master's in Math Education from UW-Madison.  In my free time, I'm the ultimate Star Wars fan, an avid reader (Lee Child's Jack Reacher series is my current favorite set of books), a bicycle enthusiast (I live in Madison, where the trails are outstanding), and a proud daddy to a cute little cat named Sweetpea.  I'm looking forward to making new connections and growing young minds in an outstanding new school year!
Advanced Math
Probability & Statistics
Pre Algebra