Mr. Eric Kendall
Me, on graduation day!
Welcome!  I love teaching in the Whitewater District because it's a place where I can really get to know my students and tailor my instruction to their needs.  This will be my 2nd year in Whitewater.  I teach Advanced Math and Prob/Stats at the High School in the mornings (to be joined by Construction Math 2nd semester) and Geometry and Pre-Algebra at the Middle School in the afternoons.  While it's certainly challenging to teach all those different courses, the breadth of the content also lets me bring out my inner math geek!  It's my hope that being in one of my classes means that a student has the opportunity to thrive academically and feel welcomed and supported personally.

I have a Bachelor's in Mathematics from UW-Milwaukee and a Master's in Math Education from UW-Madison.  In my free time, I'm the ultimate Star Wars fan, an avid reader (Lee Child's Jack Reacher series is my current favorite set of books), a bicycle enthusiast (I live in Madison, where the trails are outstanding), and a proud daddy to a cute little cat named Sweetpea.  I'm looking forward to making new connections and growing young minds in an outstanding new school year!
Advanced Math
Probability & Statistics
Pre Algebra