Jessie Dugan
A family snapshot from a summer vacation in Florida.

Why Whitewater?
Simply stated: Whitewater is home for my family.  It is an honor, now, after teaching in a variety of settings to finally be able to serve the students and families that share Whitewater with me.  I met my first group of students in January of 1998, and since then, I've had the pleasure of being "lead learner" in middle and high schools in several states at different times - teaching courses in theater, humanities, English, and English for those who already speak other languages.  I've even spent time in the corporate world - working for a large pharmaceutical company in their sales force.

An avid reader - I'm often found at the public library, with my dogs at the dog park, on the soccer fields watching one of my boys, or catching a concert at UW-Whitewater where my husband is a faculty member.

I'm proud to be a part of Whippet Nation.

Jessie Dugan
Room 261

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DAILY SCHEDULE - Semester 1 - 2017-2018
1 - English 11
2 - Prep
3 - English 9 H
4 - Homeroom (Juniors)
5 - AP Language & Composition
6 - English 9 H
7 - Strategic Literacy
8 - AP Language & Composition
9 - Prep