Whitewater High School National Honor Society Induction Ceremony


The 62nd Annual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony will took place on Wednesday evening, November 28, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitewater High School Auditorium. Thirty six new juniors and seniors were selected for membership by the faculty for their outstanding qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, and service to school and community.  These students have worked extremely hard to achieve at the highest level in high school.  The average grade point average of the students selected for membership this year is 3.82.  The average GPA of all senior members is 3.736.  The average GPA of all junior members is 3.83.


The National Honor Society was established at Whitewater High School in 1956 to inspire enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership, and encourage the development of character in high school students. NHS has become a prestigious organization ranking high among college admission officers, scholarship committees, high school faculty & administrators, students, parents and residents of our community.  For many, selection as a member of the National Honor Society is the pinnacle of achievement in school.  This honor, recognized throughout the nation, is both the public recognition of outstanding accomplishments and the private commitment to continued excellence on the part of each new member.


For more information about the Whitewater High School National Honor Society please see the following website https://www.whs.wwusd.org/page/3159


Congratulations to the new members of the Whitewater High School National Honor Society!


New Senior National Honor Society Members (4)

Nicole Amparano

Grace Ejnik

Jesse Morgan Radaj

Wesley Salverson


New Junior National Honor Society Members (32)

Madalynn Arnett

Ryann Aschenbrener

Allison Ceranske

Shawn Chan

Colin Chenoweth

Jared Clapper

Aidan Coburn

Caroline Crowley

Broderick Frye

Abby Grosinske

Bryce Hibbs

Josie Hintz

Morgan Janovec

Jacee Johnson

David Kromholz

Jenna Lee

Willem Leibbrand

Sophie Mayer

Hailey Murphy

Sophie Olson

Tessa Papcke

Cooper Pease

Zoe Porter

Hailey Prager

Gwynne Sahyun

Alyssa Schumacher

Ellie Treder

Mina Truesdale

Emma Van Daele

Andy Vo

Alexandra Wilson

Brianna Zimdars


Senior National Honor Society Members Inducted in November 2017 (23)

Chelsea Baker

Zachary Brantmeier

Madison Brown

Sierra Brunner

Madelynne Elworthy – Secretary

Jaden Henneman

Cally Julson

Katherine Kuhtz

Nicholas Kuzoff

Natalie LaBreche – President

Weston Lema

Alisha Parboteeah – Treasurer

Maci Parrish

Dylan Pease

Lizbeth Rodriguez

Nicole Sedmak

Emma Sellnow

Nicole Tomomitsu

Sydney Treder

Daniel Trost

Dalia Velazquez

Hayden West

Catherine Yang – Vice President


A special thank you to all of the people who helped create a wonderful induction ceremony for the students!  Kevin Alvarado, Callie Julson & Emma Sellnow -photography, De Anda Levine – programs & certificates, Laura Masbruch & NHS Faculty Council – selection process, Karen Tordera & Whitewater High School Music Masters – music, Rod Wendorf– auditorium set up.