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Trio Honored at Kohl Educational Foundation Luncheon
Kohl Fellowship Awards

On Saturday, April 14, a recognition luncheon was hosted at Monona Grove High School to honor students and teachers earning Herb Kohl Educational Foundation awards. Those being recognized included WHS Senior Connor Steinke, Excellence Scholarship recipient, and WHS teacher Kate McNulty and WMS teacher Carmen Behrens, Teacher Fellowship recipients. Greeted by a standing ovation, former Senator Herb Kohl shared his story of growing up in Milwaukee as the son of poor immigrant parents who operated a closet-sized grocery store. His parents instilled in him and his siblings the value of education and the opportunities that it would afford them. Senator Kohl expounded on the role public education played in shaping his life and how it offered the roots for the successes for himself and his siblings. Mr. Kohl's inspirational words added sincere meaning to the awards being presented.

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