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Ferradermis Hosts Robotics Boot Camp
Robotics Boot Camp

Ferradermis is wrapping up the summer with a robotics boot camp for new and veteran members from August 4 - 11. On Saturday, August 4, seven incoming freshmen joined a group of veteran members and mentors to learn about all aspects of the robotics team. New members learned about the electrical system on the robot and practiced soldering some wires under the supervision of veterans Cassi Hoxie, Rosie Aschenbrener, and Gwynne Sahyun. Cassi gave the freshmen an overview of what it takes to program a robot, and they had the opportunity to write a small amount of code. Veterans Danny Soto and Reilly Aschenbrener helped them learn how the CAD team operates and spent some time teaching them the basics of Inventor. Veteran members Gwynne, Rosie, and Bennett Miles introduced them to competition logistics (how a season and competition works). Students also practiced driving last year's robot under the direction of 2018 drive team members Danny and Hailey Prager. At the end of the day, the students were presented with their challenge for the week, a Frisbee shooter. Veterans and new members will work together to design and implement a solution before the end of the week. Boot camp will continue Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings and will wrap up on Saturday, August 11. For more photos, follow Ferradermis on Facebook or visit

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