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McCulloch Family Thanks Those Who Helped Make Sign a Reality
Sign Donation

The family of Lawrence McCulloch extends thanks to Dr. Mark Elworthy and the Whitewater Unified School District school board for their time, effort, and consideration regarding the digital marquee at Whitewater High School, as well as their willingness to make the idea become a reality. A memorial fund was established in Lawrence’s name shortly after his death in 2015. These funds were used to help pay for a digital sign to be located at Whitewater High School. After careful planning, the construction of the sign was completed in September and is now a beautiful and useful addition to the WHS campus. A special thanks to Bright Nights Electricians and JP Cullen for their in-kind donations for the installation of the sign. The Lawrence McCulloch family offers heart-felt thanks and deep gratitude to all the family, friends, community members, and businesses for their generous gifts toward the project as well. Pictured left to right are (McCulloch) Hookstead, Jim McCulloch, Mary McCulloch, Mike Lovenberg (Principal, WHS), Mark Elworthy (District Administrator, WUSD), Steve Ryan (Member, WUSD School Board), Nathan O’Shaughnessy (Assistant Principal, WHS), and Casey Judd (President, WUSD School Board).

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