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Robotics Week Culminates with Assembly
Robotics Week Assembly

Ferradermis, the high school robotics team, arranged an assembly on Friday for the entire student body during homeroom as their wrap-up for Robotics Week. With the competition robot on its way to Detroit, team members used video clips to demonstrate the robot. Thank you Mrs. Grosinske for allowing the team to color your hair as your prize for having the most canned food donated in your name during the Walworth County Food Drive! Congratulations also to Mr. Major’s homeroom for donating the most money in the penny war to win the right for your homeroom to drive the robot when it returns in May. The team celebrated the national week with dress days each day including Safety Day (celebrating FIRST’s emphasis on safety when working with the robot), Gracious Professionalism Day (celebrating how teams work together to make each other better), and NASA Day (celebrating the Destination Deep Space theme for this year’s game and the team’s sponsorship from NASA). The team leaves for the World Championships in Detroit on April 23.

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