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Two Groups Place Fourth at State NHD Competition
State NHD Competition

National History Day is an exciting academic enrichment program that helps students learn about historical issues, ideas, people, and events. This year long academic adventure fosters students' enthusiasm for learning and their love for history. The program's three central elements develop participants' abilities to: complete extensive research; critically analyze and develop historical conclusions about information they have discovered in a variety of sources; and present and defend their interpretations in a critical, yet creative forum. Working individually or collaboratively in groups of two to five, students produce historical documentaries, exhibits, historic websites, dramatic performances and research papers based on an annual theme. The 2019 theme is “Triumph and Tragedy in American History”. Seven WHS students advanced to this State Competition on Saturday, April 13th, and five students were selected to advance to the final round at the State level. The WHS teaching staff who worked with these students and accompanied them to UW-Madison were: Mr. Chris Wiegman, Mr. Scott Phillips, and Mr. Greg Stewart. These teachers would like to thank the parents and local judges as well as all who helped in the preparation and logistics needed to support the program. 2019 National History Day - WHS Finalists advancing to State Competition: Senior Group Documentary (Broderick Frye, Bailee Korf and Emily Scherer - "The Triumph and Tragedy of the Janesville GM Plant" 2019 NHD State Qualifier 4th Place State Competition), Senior Individual Performance (Gio Anello - "Alvin York: Conscientious Objector to Decorated Veteran" 2019 NHD State Qualifier), Senior Group Performance (Nikita Hartzheim and Savannah Hill - "The Rosenbergs" 2019 NHD State Qualifier 4th Place State Competition), and Senior Individual Performance (Madison Strickler - "Dr. John Galt" 2019 NHD State Qualifier).

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