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Classes of 1955, 1959, 1984 Hold Reunions

Class of 1955, 1959, and 1984The Whitewater High School Class of 1955 held their reunion on July 27, 2019, at 841 Brewhouse. The group photo includes the following: (Front Left to Right) Jim Stevenson, Jerry Grant, Donna (Stradinger) Scharine, Donald Scharine, Jack Rapcke, and (Back Left to Right) Dorothy (Kramer) Moyer, Jeanette (Church) Johnson, Bob Paynter, Ken Kayser, Sherry (Nelson) Plucinski, and Jim Christbaum. Photo courtesy of Tom Ganser.

The WHS Class of 1959 held their 60th reunion on August 10, 2019 at The Real MacCoy's. The group photo includes the following: (Front Left to Right) Karen (Taft) Althaus, Eileen (Schoppe) Dempsey, Karen (Hapke) Schneider (currently living in Arizona), Marie (Frodl) Glass, Necia (Mayer) Schinke, Kathy (Graham) Sturzl, Carmen (Peyer) Marsh, Donna (Bigelow) Lewis (currently living in Michigan), Bonnie (Uglow) Stanley, and Arlene (Paynter) Kearney, and (Back Left to Right) Tom Dosemagen, Ed Hamilton (currently living in Iowa), Fred Lawton, Mary Beth (Pior) Pidcock (currently living in Nevada), Jerry Sennet (currently living in North Dakota), Eileen (Snyder) Brown, Carol Phelps Cobb, Don Kiernan, Charles Washburn, Kathy (Rowland) Sweet, Patti (Charles) Brabazon, Sylvia (Fadness) Gleiter, and Bill Fuerstenburg. They remembered 30 classmates fondly. Photo courtesy of Tom Ganser.

The Whitewater High School Class of 1984 held their reunion on August 3, 2019, at the Second Salem Brewing Company in Whitewater. Classmates came from as far as San Jose, California to New York City and all the places in between to touch base and reminisce about their time at Whitewater High School. A total of 57 guests and 41 WHS graduates were able to attend the reunion. The class would like to thank all of the faculty and staff, past and present, that created the memorable experiences they had for their four years at Whitewater High School.

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