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Willman to Appear in National Live Streaming Musical January 23 and 24
Ella Willman

Ella Willman will appear in a groundbreaking national live streaming musical, A Killer Party: A Murder Mystery Musical, produced by “BAA Onstage”. The show was conceived as a new style of online theatre by Jason Howland, Nathan Tysen, Kait Kerrigan, Rachel Axler and a team of 40+ Broadway professionals. Willman is a student at Whitewater High and studies with BAA. She and 25 other Broadway Artists Alliance of NYC  (BAA) students are part of the first educational institution in the United States to mount this production since its premiere in August 2020. Willman and her cast mates, ages 14-21, recently completed filming and the fully edited production will live stream on January 23 and 24, 2021. Tickets are available by clicking here. A Killer Party’s nature as a musical conceived in quarantine poses unique challenges, including the fact that all rehearsals, filming, and editing take place remotely. Willman and her cast mates from across the U.S. have gathered on Zoom for read throughs, music and blocking rehearsals, character study, and meetings to discuss individual “shot lists” and recording requirements. The young performers are well versed in performing for the stage after studying previously with BAA, but they have quickly cultivated new skills in acting for the camera and staying on top of detailed filming requirements.

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