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Students Inducted into Language Honor Societies
Language Honor Society Induction

On Wednesday night, there was a virtual induction ceremony for both the French and Spanish language honor societies: the Société Honoraire de Français (SHF) and the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH). Because last year's ceremony had to be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic, there were two classes of inductees honored last night. These students have achieved the highest standards of excellence and scholarship in their language studies. Félicitations and ¡Felicidades! Pictured: Sophia Walton (SHF), Colin Dugan (SHF), Courtney Meyer (SHH), Denver Isbell (SHH), Madison Strickler (SHF), Abigail Wildenberg (SHF), Crystal Chan (SHH), Caroline Skindingsrude (SHH), Maria Verduzco (SHH), Skylar Staebler (SHF), Dayna Carlson (SHF), Avery Hintz (SHF), Jeanette Falcon (SHF), Caelyn Caputo (SHF), Cora Linos (SHH), Samuel Afah Annah (SHF), Fletcher Crone (SHH), Ramon Wence (SHH), Olive Coburn (SHH), Hannah O'Brien (SHF), Savannah Hill (SHH), Mademoiselle Alecia Pasdera, Madelynn Buehler (SHF), Wesley Abramson (SHH), Mariana Aranda (SHH), Emma Weigel (SHF), Audrey Mayer (SHF), Señor Jim Linos. (Not pictured: Ashley Afah Annah (SHF), Nikita Hartzheim (SHF)).

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