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Alt, Megan Math Math Teacher 262-472-8129
Aranda, Tania Special Education Paraprofessional
Averill, Sam Music Band Teacher 262-472-8175
Behlke, Audra Food Service Food Service
Behrens, Tootie Food Service Food Service
Bilau, Gloria ELL Paraprofessional 262-472-8154
Bleck, Jason Math Math Teacher 262-472-8134
Briggs, Stacy Food Service Food Service
Burckhard, Kailey Science Science Teacher 262-472-8125
Carstens, Chad Physical Education PE Teacher 262-472-8275
Cipriano, Andrew Alternative Education Alternative Education Teacher 262-472-xxxx
Crandall, Justin Administration Athletic Director 262-472-8105
Cresswell, Anne Language Arts English Teacher 262-472-8147
Cushman, Shannon Support Staff Athletic Director's Secretary 262-472-8108
Dunham, Kat Special Education Paraprofessional
Foucault, Gina Support Staff Attendance/Discipline Secretary 262-472-8101
Geraghty, Mary Student Services Social Worker 262-472-8115
Germundson, Patty Food Service Cook 262-472-8160
Gill, Crystal Art Art Teacher 262-472-8171
Gnatzig, Dan Physical Education PE Teacher 262-472-8161
Green, Matthew Student Services School Psychologist
Griep, Lisa Food Service Food Services Director 262-472-8160
Grosinske, Nicole Physical Education PE Teacher 262-472-8162
Hamilton, Teri Student Services Counselor 262-472-8114
Harlan, Camden Language Arts English Teacher 262-472-8145
Harris, Angie Special Education Paraprofessional
Heinowski, Debbie Support Staff
Hinman, Kirk Custodial Custodian
Hookstead, Gary Support Staff Paraprofessional 262-472-8151
Houwers, Amy Special Education Special Education Teacher 262-472-8203
Humer, Jon Math Student Teacher
Johnson, Tyler Social Studies Social Studies Teacher 262-472-8149
Kelly, Tim Custodial Custodian
Kendall, Eric Math Math Teacher 262-472-8133
Kornowski, Amy Science Science Teacher 262-472-8136
Kuchan, Carol Custodial Custodian
Lane, John Science Science Teacher 262-472-8135
Leverenz, Joyce Food Service Food Service
Levine, De Anda Student Services Guidance Secretary 262-472-8111
Lindsey, Dan Special Education Paraprofessional
Linos, James (Jim) World Languages Spanish Teacher 262-472-8150
Los, Anna Language Arts English Teacher 262-472-8221
Lovenberg, Mike Administration Principal 262-472-8103
Majors, Paul Agriculture Agriculture Teacher 262-472-8177
Martin, Michele Police Liason Police Liaison Officer 262-472-8240
Martinez, Rosalinda ELL English Language Learners Teacher 262-472-8xxx
Masbruch, Laura Computer Science Computer Science Teacher 262-472-8159
McNulty, Kate World Languages Spanish Teacher 262-472-8230
Mendez, Colleen ELL English Language Learners Teacher 262-472-8213
Meyer, John Custodial Custodian
Miles, Inger Special Education Paraprofessional
Miller, Elizabeth Language Arts English Teacher 262-472-8xxx
Miller, Megan Reading Reading Specialist
Moll, Lauren Special Education Special Education Teacher 262-472-8121
Moore, Jarolyn Food Service Food Service
Ngabo, Martha Special Education Paraprofessional
O'Shaughnessy, Nathan Administration Assistant Principal 262-472-8104
Palmer, Angela Special Education Speech and Language Teacher 262-472-8207
Pasdera, Alecia World Languages French Teacher 262-472-8142
Payne, Susan Science Science Teacher 262-472-8216
Pett, Sara Food Service Head Cook
Phillips, Scott Social Studies Social Studies Teacher 262-472-8148
Rausch, Jill Special Education Special Education Teacher 262-472-8205
Retzke, Kathy LMC LMC Director
Roland, Debbie Special Education Special Education Teacher 262-472-8209
Rudzinski, Serena Math Math Teacher 262-472-8216
Ruud, Laurel Math Math Teacher 262-472-8126
Shelbourn, Dawn Alternative Education GEDO2 Coordinator 262-472-8180
Smith, Randy Business & Information Technology Business Ed Teacher 262-472-8273
Sonmor-Wintz, Pamela Student Services Director of Guidance 262-472-8113
Spaeth, Chelsea Special Education Special Education Teacher 262-472-8201
Stanley, Bonnie Support Staff Volunteer Coordinator 262-472-8324
Stewart, Gregory Social Studies Social Studies Teacher 262-472-8156
Taggart, Mary Language Arts English Teacher 262-472-8155
Tordera, Karen Music Vocal Music Teacher 262-472-8174
Viemeister , Alison LMC Paraprofessional 262-472-8151
Watson, Cody Engineering & Technology Tech Ed Teacher 262-472-8172
Weilbrenner, Lynn Family & Consumer Science Family & Consumer Science Teacher 262-472-8141
Wendorf, Rod Custodial Custodial Supervisor 262-472-8176
West, Baron Business & Information Technology Business Ed Teacher 262-472-8131
Weston, Kate Social Studies Social Studies Teacher 262-472-8100
Wintz, Mike Engineering & Technology Tech Ed Teacher 262-472-8173
Ziebarth, Cindy Food Service Food Service